Oct 18, 2011

The Mad Hatter's Hat, DIY Mad Hatter's Costume

UPDATE: The poster used at the Tea Party set is for sale. The dimensions are 20 feet tall and 25 feet wide. It comes in 5 ft strips. Pictured above. Listed at $1000 plus shipping. Please email questions and interest to norwaymeg@gmail.com

I found this tutorial on how to make the Mad Hatter's Hat for Halloween. If I'm going to be the Queen of Hearts, then naturally Danny will need to be the Mad Hatter, right? I found the material at Joann's and was so excited...IT'S PERFECT! Then as I was digging through a box of things that I brought home from China (I'm using some silk from China for the dress I'm sewing), I came across these old hat pins. !!!! I found the feather at Hobby Lobby.

You want to see the real hat, right?

For the Mad Hatter:

Church shoes with leftover ribbon from my costume for laces. Women's mismatched socks from Target, thrift store pants cut short and hemmed, decorations on the pants with fabric marker (totally unnecessary, but Dan goes all the way)...
An old pirate costume jacket painted gold with fabric paint. I cut off the pirate cuffs and gold buttons and sewed on some lace that I died blue. (OK, now I realize what freaks we are about costumes). 
Thrift store vest with pattern in gold paint using duct tape as a stencil. 
Walmart pack of thread laced together with some brown yarn. (I was happy to get so many good colors of sewing thread!)
1/8 cut of silky fabric for the neck tie. We used iron-on backing to keep it stiff. 
Old church shirt, red wig that we actually cut shorter and thinner, orange contacts, white face paint...

Boy was it fun to put make-up on Dan!

Oh, and don't forget the tooth black-out

Info on the DIY Red Queen Costume HERE.


Amy Elaine said...

Too cool, Megan! I'm amazed by your crafting/ sewing skills and love that you used your hat pins from China. I'm on the edge of my seat waiting to see the finished product! I'm going to be a jellyfish :) ... green tutu with glowsticks attached, sparkly tights, and a hand-shocker from a joke shop.

Justin said...

Wow. Wow. Wow. Friday can't come soon enough!

Crystal John said...


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