Apr 1, 2012

Sewing For Charly Bella

Remember back in July when a friend of mine delivered her 23 week old baby girl via emergency c-section? Well Charly Bella is home now and fighting still. There have been so many wonderful people to help Angie with cleaning, cooking, donating coupons, etc etc, but I hadn't been able to help much at all. In fact, I hadn't even been to see Charly and Angie since that day in July - the day Charly was born. Luckily, Angie posted on FaceBook that she needed help sewing Charly's crib bedding. Now THIS was something I could do to help! PLUS, my mom was coming to town for Spring Break, and I knew I could enlist her help (by "enlist", I mean I set up a sweat shop in my basement and didn't let her come out until it was done. Just kidding.).

Angie had purchased the material before Charly was born and just didn't have time to do it. I'm sure you could imagine that 3 weeks after she found out she was having a girl, she was in the hospital with a little surprise.

Mom and I used this tutorial to get an idea for what we wanted the dust ruffle to look like. We also used Gabe's crib bedding to measure dimensions for the bumper. It would have taken me more than twice the amount of time if my mom weren't there to bounce ideas off. We make a pretty good team.

It turned out just perfect. Angie even got little Charly Bell all unhooked to come and and do a photo shoot for us. She just LOVED it and looked all around. I apologize for all of the pics, but my mom is back in Denver now and she wanted to see EVERYTHING. You can check up on Charly HERE.

Thanks Angie for letting us do that. It was a lot of fun, and finally something I could do to help. I love you and wish you and little Charly Bell the best!


MEG said...

WOW it really did turn out perfect! I can't believe how CUTE it looks all together! Best of all, little Charly Bella is a beautiful baby - she looks healthy and happy to be in her new crib. She even had a matching outfit! So fun. OK, I did crab a little about the sweatshop thing, but I am glad that we did it. It was time well spent with lots of love and best wishes for Charly Bella. Hugs, Mom

Allison Lloyd said...

What talent you have!!! Thanks so much for doing this for Angie and little Charly Bella! It is the most beautiful crib set I've seen :)

Nakita Ellis said...

You and your mom are saints! Looks fantastic!

Nakita Ellis said...

You and your mom are saints! Looks fantastic!

JennyKay said...

Meg and Mom, that's so cool and Charly looks like she loves it. It is very well done. You guys really did a job, above and beyond. I'm sure it will help her to make the transition to her crib.

a Fan of Charly and all her Angels

Kristy said...

Wow, Meg! It looks amazing!

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